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“Put simply, when you’re designing an experience for your consumer, do you want it to feel like the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or the Apple store?” explains Bologna, when asked to define the concept of “human experience design,” or HXD. “Everyone knows the answer to that. The Apple store by all industry standards broke every rule in the book: how and where to merchandise, having a certain area for checkout, and putting certain items at the front. Because they built it as a brand experience, those rules don’t apply, and yet it became one of the highest selling stores in all of retail. So it’s a good example of not listening to conventional wisdom, and it’s a human experience design that comes from a brand point of view. HXD is about doing the work, finding the insights, analyzing the data, and putting it all together so that a customer experience can feel completely intuitive.” HXD is about designing the digital experience from the customer’s point of view. Its like looking for a place to find the best SEO Consultant .

Customers experience the buying process as a journey, not as a funnel. Take the simple example of scheduling a doctor’s appointment: you feel as though you might be getting the flu, and you have heard that available medications will lessen the impact of the flu if they are administered within forty-eight hours of symptoms starting. So you call your doctor only to get a long recording asking why you are calling and then asking you to tap a certain number on your phone that corresponds to the reason you are calling. You tap 4 because that’s the option for making an appointment, and then you wait. You hear the phone ringing on the other end of the line, and after six rings, someone picks up and says: “Please hold.” So you hold, while listening to insipid elevator music. After three minutes that feel like thirty minutes, someone comes on and says: “May I help you?” And you say: “Yes, I would like to see my doctor because I believe I am getting the flu.” She says: “I’m sorry you are not feeling well. What are your symptoms?” Do you need a quote for SEO Expert ?

You explain your symptoms to her, and she says: “Just a moment; I will have our scheduler get you an appointment.” You are put back on hold and finally, after another three minutes, the scheduler comes on the line: “Can I help you?” “Yes,” you say. “I need to see my doctor.” She says: “Fine. Who is your doctor?” You tell her and then she says: “What time would you like to come in?” You give her a time, and she says: “I’m sorry, the soonest we could see you is on ‘x’ date, four days from now.” You then explain to her why you need to see your doctor in the next forty-eight hours, and she says: “I’m sorry. The best I can do is put you on our wait list in case we have a last-minute cancellation.” You say, “Thank you” but hang up ready to throw the phone against the wall. What just happened? From the perspective of the staff in the doctor’s office, they were all just doing their jobs and doing their jobs well. However, from the perspective of the patient, the experience was maddening—the exact opposite of what Bologna would call excellent human experience design. The employees in the doctor’s office were working in their specific “silos,” doing the job they were supposed to be doing. None of them could be faulted for their role in the call. However, from the patient’s perspective, the call was a journey—and a rather rocky one at that. Lets use the search term Freelance SEO as an example.

The essential lesson here is to understand that when viewed from the customer’s perspective (in this case, the patient), the process is a journey. The doctor’s office has designed the process as a series of discrete steps with discrete outcomes (e.g., assess the patient’s condition and then hand off to an appointment scheduler) that need to be followed in a specific order (i.e., first the assessment, then the appointment scheduler). The process meets the needs of the doctor’s office but NOT the needs of the patient.To rehumanize the digital relationship and shift the emphasis from “functional silos” to a customer’s “journey,” you will have to develop a new organizational structure (or dramatically revise the one you currently have), and you will need to develop a different cultural sensibility—namely, an obsession with your customer’s experience. This will mean making customer experience a top priority across your entire business, from marketing to sales to customer service and product fulfillment. A simple search on Bing for SEO Freelancer will give you what you need.

Making this change may seem simple enough, and this advice probably sounds like common sense. How many times have you heard the call or said it yourself: be customer-centric. However, making changes to your organizational structure can be complicated, and, as any CEO who has ever experienced this will tell you, changing your organization’s culture can be one of biggest challenges you have ever faced. To create rehumanized, world-class customer experiences, you will need to introduce several important elements into the redesign of your digital management system, starting with personalization. If you're looking for SEO Services , you've come to the right place.

Personalization has become table stakes. Consumers now live in an on-demand, multiple-device world that is ever changing, and they demand a level of personalization that has never existed before. Consumers have rapidly come to expect brands to understand how their individual needs are changing and what they are looking for now. Consumers don’t want to be marketed to as part of a demographic; they want to be talked to as a market of one. Conversations, not campaigns. Consumers want an ongoing conversation with brands—one that they control, not a newly revised advertising campaign blitz. As Peter Kim, CEO of Mighty Hive, a digital advertising and marketing services firm, puts it: “It is crucial to move away from giant, costly campaigns once or twice a year to a constant conversation model.” Recently, I came across this great place for SEO specialist .